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Youthful Connections offers a variety of parent coaching, consultations, and counseling services to help you and/or your family move past the obstacles holding you back from the life you want. I will help you identify your personal and family values, strengths, and abilities in support of your personal goals. View the services below to SCHEDULE a FREE 15-Minute Consultation to take the next step for CHANGE. Please 'Subscribe' below to be notified of future updates on adolescent group counseling, and other programs.


Individual and Family Therapy

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Individual therapy is a form of therapy that allows an individual the personal opportunity to receive support and experience growth while dealing with various challenges in their life such as depression, anxiety, grief, anger, stress, women issues, parenting difficulties, relationship issues, child behavioral concerns, etc. At Youthful Connections, we understand that assisting the individual with healing also REQUIRES aiding in the treating and healing of the FAMILY, especially when it pertains to youth. Therefore, Family therapy is included with services as well.

Happy Family

Certified Breakthrough Parenting Program
(Parent Coaching)

Healing the Family Unit

Here at Youthful Connections, the focus is on enhancing the lives of minority families throughout the nation by promoting a conscious and insightful parenting approach that encourages cultural inclusion and holistic development for family cohesion and cooperation. Youthful Connections utilizes an 8-10-week coaching group program called the "Certified Breakthrough Parenting Program" that helps families move from stress and struggling to cooperation and peace. Promoting responsible children utilizing effective discipline strategies. One-on-one parenting sessions are included as an add-on with the program.

Support Group

LCSWA Clinical Supervision

Guidance & Inspiration

Are you a new clinician on your way to licensure? Is your specialty youth and families? Are you seeking supervision from a Certified Clinical Supervisor? Well, here at Youthful Connections we seek to foster forward thinking professionals with guidance, tools, and resources to provide quality services to underprivileged youth and families.


Psychoeducational Seminars and Resources

Dismantling the Stigma

How to we de-stigmatize the myth of mental health and illnesses? Through education and by speaking truth to lies. Here at Youthful Connections our goal is to provide psychoeducational seminars and resources that will aid in the dismantling of the stigma of mental health and illnesses in the African American and minorities community. Psychoeducational workshops are educational and topic-based. The focus of these programs are to help the individual and/or individuals with developing a better understanding of mental health conditions while identifying specific ways for ones to cope and manage various concerns.

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