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Are you or your child having difficulty navigating those teenage years? Are you struggling to find peace within your yourself, let alone peace within your home? Has life just become too overwhelming and finding the next step seems so far away? Here at Youthful Connections, you will find yourself being serviced by a Therapist and Life Coach that tailors care around the needs of adolescents (11-17), and adults including parents/caregivers and families. Welcome to Youthful Connections where Coaching, Consultations, and Counseling programs work to HEAL the individual and family home. 

Helping Hand

Welcome to Youthful Connections:

Help for Adolescents, Parents, and Families

Being a parent today isn't easy. Especially for SINGLE parents and individuals of MINORITY ethnicity. Sometimes there seems to be a divide between programs being developed and these programs actually helping the current difficulties families are facing today.  

With that in mind, have you ever wondered, "What am I doing wrong?" "What else can I do to help my child?" "What else can I do to help me?" If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, then you are in the right place. You are on the CUSP of shifting from existing to THRIVING!

Youthful Connections is here to help individuals and families no longer just exist but break generational stories by fostering healthy connections filled with healing, compassion, and accountability through parent coaching, consultations, psychoeducational, and counseling programs.   


The VISIONARY BEHIND Youthful Connections

Janiqua Obey, MSW LCSW

Hey there! My name is Janiqua. I am US Army Veteran, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Certified Grief Counseling Specialist (CGCS), Certified Specialist of Anger Management (CSAM), Certified Life Coach, Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor, and I am also a MOTHER. I have been in practice for 5 years and my passions have always lied around adolescents and families. I take pride in my CULTURE and UPBRINGING, and I utilize models that aid in cultural sensitivity and humanistic fundamentals.

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Achieve Your Individual and Family Goals

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Group Discussion

Individual and Family Therapy

Certified Breakthrough Parenting Program (Parent Coaching)

LCSWA Clinical Supervision

Psychoeducational Seminars and Resources


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"I had family situation where we needed a reliable and consummate professional to help navigate us towards peace, enhance resilience, all while introducing innovative modalities that achieved successful results and Ms. Obey became that person. She was very professional, she was prepared, prompt, engaging and my family is now in a better place to continue to move forward."

"Ms. Obey will do what she says she will do, and her determination shows in here flawless work ethic. You will not go wrong by utilizing her services and supporting her business, because in the end, the results will be achieved and done in excellence."


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